14 Feb 2014: Great to spent our small biz-ness anniversary in P A R I S ♡ ♡ ♡.
4 Sept 2013: Yay! Finally back in Paris! Now, hoping our 3-year visa gets renewed!
14 Feb 2013: 10 year anniversary of being in this indie craft biz! Yay Us! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
30 Jan 2013 For fun, we created a blog for photography that we love.
14 Feb 2012: Very happy to be in our 9th year as an indie crafter!
20 November 2011: Our vintage shop with lots of cashmere and cool clothes is now open on Etsy.
10 June 2011: Au revoir to Paris for now. We're back in the USA...but still love France and hope to move back in 2012.
24 March 2011: One of our pictures in our Etsy shop made the front page of Etsy! (see press)
14 Feb 2011: Joyeux anniversaire! Happy to spend our 8th year in indie craft in Paris!
21 September 2010: Hooray! We arrived safely to France. Very happy to see Paris again and to start taking photographs.
14 July 2010: Happy Bastille Day! To celebrate our impeding move to and love for Paris, FR, we changed our name to "shop le weekend."
14 Feb 2010: To celebrate our 7th anniversary, we've redesigned the website! We feel lucky!
1-31 October 2009: Shop is closed...We are in Paris, France again!
1 April - 12 May 2009: Shop is closed...We are in Paris, France!
14 Feb 2009: Happy 6th Anniversary to Us! If the shop were a person, she would be starting elementary school!
8-9 Nov 2008: We are a vendor at Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh, PA.
18-19 Oct 2008: We are a vendor at Maker Faire in Austin, Texas.
14 Sept 2008: We are a vendor at Crafty Wonderland in Portland, Oregon.
14 Feb 2008: Happy 5th Anniversary to Us! Is this the one where you give paper?
14 Feb 2007: Happy 4th Anniversary to Us! How about some ice cream, too!
15 Sept 2006: Baltimore lost its charm. We've relocated back to New Orleans, LA for a bit.
1 July 2006: We've moved to Baltimore, MD (This is our 3rd move in 1 year! (Thanks Katrina)).
14 Feb 2006: Happy 3rd Anniversary to Us! More cupcakes for everyone!
18 Nov 2005: Woweeeee! We are featured in the everywhere edition of How sweet! (BTW - we sold out of the sailor coin purse 2 hours after the article was emailed out.) (see press)
2 Nov 2005: We're up and running and back in Washington DC. Yep, we know what it means to miss New Orleans.
Sept-Oct 2005: We are temporarily closed because of Hurricane Katrina. We're in Louisiana and from New Orleans.
May 2005: We're moving back home to New Orleans...might be a delay in any orders during this month!
1 - 7 Apr 2005: No foolin'...According to the Washington Citypaper, we're the "craftiest bastard of the week." (see press)
14 Feb 2005: Happy 2nd Anniversary to Us! Cupcakes for everyone!
Aug 2004: Changed name/site from "five-and-dime posts" to "Lillie's Five-and-Dime."
14 Feb 2004: Happy 1st Anniversary to Us! Maybe we should send ourselves a (five-and-dime posts) card!
Summer 2003: We got a shoutout in the form of a plug in Bust. They loved us so much they put us in the summer 2003 issue. (see press)
14 Feb 2003: Our shop is now open...welcome to five-and-dime posts!