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wes anderson

Lots of people say that the Shop Le Weekend website design reminds them of a film by Wes Anderson (see this example of a very similar color palette). And, yes, I do have a crush on him...or maybe on his design skills. His use of a recurring color in a film is brilliant, especially lovely is the pink in The Royal Tenenbaums. And, his love for my first love font Futura is fantastic! So, yes, maybe I do have a crush ♥!

category: snapshots

cute cumuli

I like cloudy days more than sunny days. And when they bring rain to cool down a hot July in New Orleans, I like them even more. These pictures were taken looking up in my backyard.

category: ♥ paris

les stuffed animals

Deyrolle is a taxidermy shop/stuffed animal gallery in Paris. It's been in business since 1831, so it was kind of discouraging that every time I tried to visit, it was closed. I did finally make it inside on my last day in Paris and it was amazing and only a little creepy.


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